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Hereditary Society Medal Set Samples
  • Welcome!  The following is provided to ensure your order goes as smoothly as possible.
  • First and foremost, we ask that you provide us with a color picture of your medals showing the order of precedence and row by row layout of your desired arrangement.  You may upload the file via the contact/quote form or email it directly to us at mimribbons@gmail.com.
  • Please ensure the medals’ drape is in serviceable condition, i.e. not dirty, ripped, or frayed.  We can only work with what we receive and if we are unable to have a sharp looking end result we will ask you to obtain new drape.  We take pride in our work and our goal is to send you a quality and professional finished product.
  • Shipping
    • When you ship your medals to us please ensure that you have wrapped the individual medals so the drape and medallions are not damaged in shipment.  We highly recommend shipping in a box versus padded envelopes in order to provide  the  best protection.  We suggest that you fill the box around the medals with paper or bubble wrap so the box has no “give.”
    • Include your address/email/phone number inside your package so we have a way of contacting you should we have questions.  (Filling out the form provided will also give a legible copy of everything we will need.)
    • Please insure your medals for what it would cost to replace them.  Let us know the total replacement value for your medals so we can be sure they are insured to cover any loss or damage.
    • We will insure  for a minimum of 20.00 per medal if you don’t let us know an insurance amount.
    • We  do not ship without insurance as we can not replace them should they be lost or damaged in shipment.
  • Pricing:
    • See current prices and payment option by clicking HERE.
    •   We ask that you wait until we see exactly what we are working with before sending payment as sometimes we can cut your costs and other times prices vary based on unique attachments etc.
    • There will be a $25.00 surcharge for medals received without a color photo showing your desired arrangement unless you have talked with Trish and she is confident that your packaging will allow for expeditious processing of your order.
    • Unfortunately we have found that orders received without the customer determining the proper order of precedence or not packaged to prevent movement in transit only end up requiring a lot of our time determining order of precedence and coordinating the final product.  No one knows your medals better than you do!  Your assistance in making the order process as smooth as possible will help us to keep our prices as reasonable as possible.


Things you should know before you place an order or mail in your medals for mounting:

If your set arrangement is in more than one row; we will mount each row individually. We DO NOT mount multiple rows as a “single unit” and cannot deviate from this method of mounting.

If you have bars and or devices please call first to ensure we can work your order.  We encourage you to give us a call or let us know a good time call you to discuss any unique needs you may have.

Thank you for your understanding.

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**NOTE: We are not authorized to purchase and therefore do not have ANY Society Medals in stock. It is VERY important that you package you medals carefully and insure them for loss and/or damage when shipping to us.

Please ensure that you have either emailed/uploaded a color picture showing the EXACT order of precedence and desired arrangement (by row) OR include a color picture in your package. We will use this photo to ensure we get your order mounted correctly the first time. Please refer to the specific information to your left or call Trish at (406) 546-2378 if you have ANY questions.

Upload a color picture or file: (You will get an error message if your file is too large)

– Please provide any Question(s)
– Special instructions
– Date you would like to have your order in hand
– Replacement value of your medals for insurance purposes
– If you will be mailing in or need military medals; please be specific; Example: I will be mailing in MSM, AFCM, NDSM mini medals for remounting and need a new GWOT Svs Mdl.

If you are having issues PLEASE call Trish at (406) 546-2378 or email her at mimribbons@gmail.com

PRICING -Society Medal Mounting

Miniature Medals                     $4.50 ea.
Large Medals                           $6.50 ea.
Medals Remount only              $2.00 ea.
Device Mounting Only             $  .25 ea.
Devices (clusters/stars)         $  .70 ea.
Unique bars etc. prices vary

Payment Options

PayPal – Paid to mimribbons@gmail.com
Checks – payable to Military Image Maker
M.O. – payable to Military Image Maker

Payment mailing address:

Military Image Maker
19483 Bryce Putnam Drive
Frenchtown, MT 59834

*Note:  We will provide a tentative price quote and notify you of the actual total  when we complete  your order.  Since Society Medal mounting has many variables, it is best to allow us to complete your order.  We’ll let you know you final cost and  include  an  invoice in your package.  In most cases the total ends up being the same or less than what was quoted.