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Air Force Ribbon Set Sample


If you are unsure of the  actual name of a ribbon/medal that you have we are putting together a ribbon list with the actual name of the award.  You can click HERE to open the  pictured ribbons.  They will expand and you can “highlight/right click copy” and then paste the name into the “Awards List” on this form.  Please note we are still working on the gallery and realize the images are a bit large.  “A work in progress.”  We thank you for your patience.


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If you are having issues PLEASE call Trish at (406) 546-2378 or email mimribbons@gmail.com


Military Ribbon and Medal Sets

– Regular Size Ribbons    $1.70 ea.
– Miniature Ribbons          $1.80 ea.
(not available for framed ribbons)
– Ribbons w/frames          $2.25 ea.
– Regular Size Devices     $ .70 ea.
– Miniature Devices           $ .80 ea.
– Mini Medal price varies; most are $10.30 ea.
– Mini Medal Remount       $3.35 ea.
– Large Medal Remount    $4.45
– Device Remount             $ .25 ea. unit

Payment Options

PayPal – Paid to mimribbons@gmail.com
Checks – payable to Military Image Maker
M.O. – payable to Military Image Maker

Payment mailing address:

Military Image Maker
19483 Bryce Putnam Drive
Frenchtown, MT 59834

*Note:  Orders are considered confirmed and ready to process when payment has been received or we know the date that payment was actually mailed.  We do not wait to have mailed payments in hand.

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